is a company, creating innovative products from dry spices. We combine high quality spices with tested recipes in 3 different formats, shopping list for convenience and the freedom to decide how hot your dish will be.

Our Beliefs

We believe that you should cook your food! It’s even better to grow it yourself.
We believe that the best restaurant is your kitchen.
We believe that there are a lot of benefits of eating spices.
We believe that spices should be used whole or freshly ground.
We believe that hot spicy food is healthy.
We believe that you can always find time to cook and it’s worth it.

Our Advantages

– New flavours and tastes
– Carefully selected spices
– Tested authentic recipes
– Short video recipe
– Precisely measured quantities (no waste)
– As hot as you like it
– Everyone can cook it

Anyone can cook it

Do you know?

Spices are best preserved whole. You can cook with whole spices and discard them before serving. The aroma and flavour you get from cooking with whole and ground spices is different and they compliment each other.

Freshly ground spices are most aromatic.

Dry spices should be heated in order to develop their full range of aromas.

Commitment to

Spizing is a result of our search of quality – quality of spices, quality of recipes, quality of information and procedures. We searched for it to secure the quality of the final meal, which everyone can cook everywhere.

“Spizing kits are a great opportunity to prepare exotic food at home. Introduces me to interesting cultures and cuisines, transfers me to other countries.”

“I like that spices are with very high quality, well selected and measured for one meal. There is no need to spend time to look for them separately in stores.”

“It’s so easy to prepare and the food is very tasty and aromatic.”