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Spices from over 30 exotic destinations. Spice kits and recipes for cooking some of the most famous world dishes. Spice mixes typical for popular cuisines with which you can prepare authentic dishes or enrich your favourite recipes.

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Spices are know for thousands of years and since then used as renemies  and food preservatives.  Only in the last 2 000 years we started using them in the culinary.  It’s very beneficial to add to your diet tumeric, cloves, cinamon, cardamom, nutmeg, rosemary, garlic,  ginger, chili and many others. They fight inflamation, bacteria, gungus and bugs. Control blood sugar, blood presure and cholesterol. Spices strengthen the immune system and improve body functions.

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Taste Bulgaria,
and you will love her

Seven combinations based on typical for Bulgaria spices as lovage, tarragon, spearmint, savory, cumin, dill and fenugreek. Bundled with authentic recipes for each of the seven regions.

How does it work?

Екзотични и традиционни подправки

Pick your spice kit

Order it from our online store or buy it from a shop nearby.

Екзотични и традиционни подправки

Use The Shopping List

Check which items you miss from the recipe you have chosen and source items.

Екзотични и традиционни подправки

Follow the recipe

Watch the video and/or read the recipe in the box. Cook it. Success is guaranteered.

Екзотични и традиционни подправки

Enjoy the moment

You are the master of this authentic meal. You know how and when it was cooked.

will love

Healthy, exotic, different, surprising, special, memorable, and all that cooked by you. Definitely everyone will love it.

Екзотични и традиционни подправки

Why does it work?

Екзотични и традиционни подправки

It Is Easy

Cooking simplified in a few steps. Easy to follow instructions. Everyone can do it. Only standart utensils used.

Екзотични и традиционни подправки

Saves Time

All rare spices collected for you in one kit. Everything is measured upfront in exact proportions. Shopping list included. Time optimized recepies.

Екзотични и традиционни подправки

No Waste

No more storage of spices you rarely use. You buy as much as you need. No mess in your cupboard.

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Екзотични и традиционни подправки
Екзотични и традиционни подправки

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Екзотични и традиционни подправки

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